Hello Sunshine! I’m so glad you are here.

So, you’ve been stuck and dreaming about transforming your life? I hear you’ve been working hard, running behind with the “I’m busy” syndrome kicking your rear, and feeling a little blah lately?

Mastering the big 5 takes so much out of you:

Are you ready to upgrade your life?

Are you ready to upgrade your life?

  • Running the Mom-Express
  • Being the Family Manager
  • Building your Successful career which goes way beyond 9-5
  • Making sure you have “enough” money
  • And Finally, the most important one of all… Taking care of YOU…maybe…

Whoa wait! What was that last one? Making take time for you……what is that???  Your brain never turns off long enough to take time for you, let alone actually make it a part of your weekly or even daily life.

If I asked you these simple questions… what do you do for fun? How do you relax?
(Ha, Ha…I know.  You don’t even know what that really means anymore and no, I don’t mean watching TV at night and drowning yourself in a bottle of wine just to escape the chaos of life).

Do you have a clear answer? (And just for kicks and grins, let’s say that the answer cannot be chasing your kids around and watching their soccer games….because I know you have fun doing that too and you love your kids…..but let’s put that aside and focus this moment only on the real, authentic you).

Who were you before the kids, the woman who had big, glorious, beautiful dreams of life and possibility?

Traveling all over the world, writing her first novel, and running a half marathon.

Oh yes, that woman.

Where did she go?

Let’s tap back into her for a few moments and let her become you again…right now.

Do you know what makes you truly joyful, where you find your creativity, or the things that really light you up???

We are valued in life in the way that we value ourselves.

Let’s find you again, start loving your life again, tapping into your dreams again, and create your shine again.